For the entire existence of the electronic trading platform YPTENDER.MD, 80 tenders have been created. This shows that the new system of procurement in the Republic of Moldova is developing rapidly.
In addition to state tenders, commercial ones began to develop actively. Since the launch of the platform, the total amount of contracts amounted to more than 1 200 000 lei. At the moment, the platform is in the test mode, so mostly small purchases are made, but the trend shows that commercial agents are ready to increase the cost of their purchases. On August 21, the first tender was announced, which passed the limit of 120,000 lei.
The main decisive factors in the creation of tenders through our platform is the desire to save your funds, time and conduct marketing analysis. For each announced tender, site managers notify at least 20-30 potential suppliers. This allows you to significantly save customers time, and sometimes even remove them from the need to find the right supplier.
Through the YPTENDER.MD platform, our partners were able to save more than 290,000 lei of the budget allocated for purchases.
And this is only the beginning, we are ready to develop together with you and achieve new successes.
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