Database of Moldovan companies

The company has been running the database “VARO.MOLDOVA. Producers of goods and services” since 1992. Today, it contains information on almost 23,000 companies in the country, including Transnistria.
There are the following kinds of data on every company: name, tax code, up-to-date address, phone numbers, e-mail address, website address, management, lines of activity, goods and services, branches/subsidiaries, etc. * Information on the management (name and contact numbers) is represented to the extent determined by the head of the company (in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 133 of July 08, 2011), therefore, data on the management may be available not for all legal entities presented in the database.
Information is structured by industry sectors, enabling marketing analysis of the competitive environment, sending of the targeted messages to potential customers and partners, operation of the mailing programs, etc. The possibilities of using information are determined by a company’s specific tasks.
Some of the information is in free public access on the site MOLDOVA YELLOW PAGES. However, when a systemic use of information in a more structured form is necessary, it is more convenient to use samples directly from the Database.
You can order a sample by filling out a Form. The Form specifies the options for providing information and the relevant gradation of its cost. Upon agreement as to the total cost of the ordered sample and payment of the bill, the file will be forwarded to the e-mail address specified by you.
It is convenient to work with samples, because you get the most recent information on companies (samples are taken from “today’s” version of the database, and the data is subjected to daily updates). You get the sample file in the usual Excel format, allowing even employees with the beginner level of Excel skills to work with it.
For any questions related to the Database and samples, please call (+373-22)73-77-94, (+373-22)72-31-69, and (+373) 67661286 or write to e-mail: