Varo-Inform celebrates its 30th anniversary on the 11th of December.
Starting with renting a small hotel room, the company has grown to its own office building, with its own production and warehouse complex, a fleet of technical vehicles and a close-knit team full of enthusiasm for implementing new ideas in the advertising and information business.
Thousands of Moldovan companies have used Varo-Inform information or advertising services over the years.
Having become the founder of outdoor advertising in Moldova, having installed the first commercial Billboard in 1993, VARO-INFORM is now actively introducing new approaches to visual media, such as outdoor advertising, and developing new projects of urban furniture – elegant and modern, which will seamlessly fit into the urban environment.
In 1993, the publication of the annual business guide “VARO. MOLDOVA. Producers of goods and services”, which was published 20 (!) times, including in the form of a Database on CD, commenced. For 22 years, the Moldova Yellow Pages website has been providing the business environment with up-to-date information about Moldovan enterprises.
Residents of Chisinau city are well aware of and still use the ALO, CAPITALA Metropolitan Services Directory in their daily lives, and since 2018, a website with a similar name has been created, which can rightfully be called an open platform for all Metropolitan news and people.
We are confident that the entire business environment will have more fruitful contacts with the company, and Varo-Inform will have the opportunity to be proud of its achievements and new anniversaries.
Happy anniversary, VARO-INFORM!